Nobody needs a real fax machine. Choose the low-cost cloud solution instead.

Fax machines are obsolete, yet necessary.

Fax machines of all shapes and sizes are almost embarrassingly obsolete, yet most businesses still need to have one available for that occasional fax that a customer or supplier sends! LegacyFax is here to change the way you go about supporting this antiquated technology, saving you lots of $'s in the process.

Take your office space back.

If you've been staring at that giant beige eyeseore in the corner of your office, wishing you could get rid of it and stop paying for the useless landline it ties up, we feel the same way.
Switch to LegacyFax and disconnect your landline, throw out your fax machine and let us deliver every single fax to you. Average annual savings by removing the landline your fax ties up is approximately $300!

Bringing faxes into the 21st century.

Incoming faxes are stored for up to 3 months for later download. And you receive a text message and/or email every time a fax is received, so you can even view it from your mobile device.

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