Nobody needs a real fax machine. Choose the low-cost cloud solution instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the fax number when signing up for this service?

Yes! A wide selection of phone numbers is available, for most states in the US, provinces in Canada, and most area codes, even toll free numbers, although there is an additional charge for toll free numbers.

How do I order and pay for this service?

Take a look at About Ordering From Us.

How do I find out that a fax was sent to me?

When you sign up for this service, you can get notifications via email and text message whenever a fax arrives. The notification includes a direct link to your fax, so you can view it immediately, even from your phone.

Once I sign up, does the fax number ever change?

No, the fax number you select is yours for as long as you subscribe to this service. Once your service expires and you do not renew it, the number is returned to the pool of available numbers for others to use. You cannot port the phone number to another provider.

Phone numbers for what other countries are available?

Currently, we offer US and Canadian fax numbers. But you don't need to be located in the US or Canada to use this service. International companies can use this service to provide US and Canadian fax numbers to their customers.

Can I port an existing phone number to this fax service?

While possible, we cannot offer assistance in reusing an existing phone number with this service, as the low cost of this service does not provide for individual setup assistance. Our goal is to provide a super low cost service.

If you want to preserve your existing number, you can often switch to call forwarding and dispose of your landline. Some carriers offer this service and it's generally cheaper than keeping a landline. Contact your carrier for more information.

How reliable is this service?

Our servers are constantly monitored and our goal is 100% availability. Our service will never run out of ink in a fax machine, or paper, so most likely there will be a lot fewer problems than with a traditional fax machine.

Can I send a fax with this service?

No. We don't provide sending services. We believe fax machines should die. Just email the PDF or image to the recipient directly. That's cheaper than sending a fax too.

Is there a free trial of this service?

No. Instead of offering a free trial, we offer a super low cost service. You don't have to pay for others who use free trials, and we can focus on providing a top notch service to our customers.

Why is this service so cheap?

We don't offer free trials, nor do we provide telephone assistance. We focus on providing a top notch, always available service to our customers. If you do run into a problem, you can of course email us at (email), submit a support ticket or chat with us.

I need help!

Just send an email to (email), submit a support ticket or chat with us. We're here to help.

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